Thursday, August 05, 2010


Reprapping two materials into one object

A couple of days ago, we needed another set of tweezers for the RepRap lab. Naturally, rather than going and buying a pair I thought I'd RepRap them. After a quick search around Thingiverse for inspiration, I thought we could do something a bit more fancy using the new multiple material setup. So I designed the following pair, where the top of the tweezers consists of a PLA inner section for rigidity/stiffness, which is then encased in silicone for added grip, and printed in one shot:

Unfortunately, the nozzle of the paste extruder blocked mid build. Thankfully, they are disposable so I quickly swapped it for a new one (I noticed as I set the paste extruder to purge on every layer...). I suspect what is happening is the orifice of the plastic taper tip is deforming as it runs over the occasional PLA lump in the plastic sections of the part.

The three STL's which make up the part are up on Thingiverse and on our wiki, although you'll need to assemble them in the host software using the technique described here.


Multimaterial? Paste extruder? Have I been sleeping?
See my post from July 17th.

I've released the new multi extruder carriage design on thingiverse. I'm just tidying the designs for my paste extruder and bowden plastic extruder. Should be up fairly shortly.
I'm anxious to hold this object in my hands when you're going to FAB6
Congrats Rhys! Great thesis photo ;-)
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