Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The March of the Mendels

There are two machines coming together in the Bath University RepRap Lab, and I am building a third at home. Here they all are together with the Mendel prototype that made many of their parts (the rest were made in our Darwins). It's almost as if they are reproducing or something...

They look great lined up like that! And they can't reproduce too fast for my liking - I can't wait until there's a critical mass and everyone who wants a set of parts can get one.
Looks awesome! I to can not wait to get a set of Mendel parts. I would finish my McWire but the electronics kits are never in stock at makerbot.
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waaa, they are taking over the world !

Hope i get a couple too, soon :)
So in another 28 or so doublings, everyone in the world will have one.
Mendel needs some 5th Generation Technology !!

[b][i]My gift to the RepRap community….[/i][/b]

5th Generation RepRap technology to be developed.

Technology to cut the cost of two of the most expensive and problematic set of parts within a RepRap machine. I am talking about “ electronic PCB boards”, and Stepper Motors.

[u]Yes, I am talking about making them on a RepRap machine![/u] :)o

Read: [url=http://probersideas.blogspot.com/2009/11/beginning.html]Probers Idea Blog[/url] for the 5th Generation Technology.
Prober, I think that's been on the agenda a long time, they tried using wood's metal before with some success I think. Correct me if I'm wrong of course.
I can't wait until we can all get a Mendel. :)
@Prober: We have Rhys Jones who's quote is doing just that.

I am also looking forward to availible RP kits or pieces. I had to go back to the stripboard to find the working circuit I have wired up (Pic 16f648 and 754410). Its good to see that the Arduino circuit is compatible with the Snap commands (someone correct me if I am wrong). But I will have to get the drivers yet. I recently purchased the Motherboard and the Extruder controller.
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Sweet! Congrats on all the hard work, I know it must have been a mission to get that many up and running. I assume the Apollo was just too big for the photo ;-) So nice to see the lab tidy! (and flipped!)
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