Monday, August 17, 2009


RepRap at Hacking at Random 2009

I just got back from HAR2009 in Holland - an amazing event, and many thanks to the organizers for inviting me to give a talk. As I walked through the main gate, the first sight that greeted me (bottom left) was a RepRap that someone had left on a picnic bench while they went to pitch their tent. So I knew that this would be cool.

There were many reprappers there. But in particular I'd like to thank Erik de Bruijn, Marius Kintel, Philipp Tiefenbacher and Siert Wijnia - when I set up my talk, they all came onto the stage with their machines and got them running. A sort of mass repraping...

There were some other guys who set up their repstraps too, but unforgivably I didn't write down their names. Sorry. If they e-mail me, I'll add them to this post.

More pictures here.

Fantastic. Any chance we can get these photos as separate images? The one in the bottom center is especially splendiferous! The image of a group of repraps all lined up is just too great to not post show everyone I know.
Sure. It's at

I've put a link on the blog entry to more pictures.
Dear Ardian,

It was a real pleasure to chat with you at HAR !
Yes, a im one of those wo put the clumsy repstraps on stage ;-)

The metalab reprappers help me a lot to debug mine and it works now : at last i start making my extruder !!

One more thing : we try to make a french network of fablabs :

Two new usinettes are alive : one at our hackerspace near Paris : and one in Toulouse :

Thanks for your energy : RepRap is not utopy anymore ;-)

to be continued...
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