Thursday, July 02, 2009


No-lathe extruder interior

Some were a little puzzled as to how the interior of the no-lathe extruder works. As I'm putting a few together, I took a photo showing how it combines the ideas of a simple locknut thrust bearing and a chopped-up drilled nut being used as the bearing behind the filament contact point. Files now online at

Vik :v)

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Nice work vik!

I'll have to try this one out
I've got a half-hearted attempt at an interrupt-driven speed controller firmware for a single opto endstop as a speed controller.

It works for the BitsFromBytes encoder wheel : it probably needs some tweaking for the timings for this version.

It's not currently tested properly but appears to work on my system.
I don't think you pinched the lock nut thrust bearing idea from me. I have never used or advocated one. Infact, you blogged it here in 2005, before I had heard of RepRap. More expensive, but still no lathe, and will last a lot longer.

The closest thing I have used is a ball bearing between two nuts for thrust and two acting as rollers at the pressure point.
Brane fale.

Sorry about that. I've edited it out.

Vik :v)
And typing fail on my front. The "More expensive ..." comment should be at the end of course.

Shame these comments can't be edited!
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