Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sticking point

sid, who is a regular contributor to the RepRap forums, had an idea to get a soldering iron manufacturer to make a heater barrel assembly for RepRap. He approached a Chinese company with a specification and they sent him some prototypes. He forwarded one to me for testing. It appears that they ignored his specification and just sent a standard de-soldering iron element. Nevertheless it is a nice unit and looks eminently usable.

It works perfectly apart from one fatal flaw, full details in my blog.


Shame about the flaw.

The ideas though feel to have some mileage in them.

The design certainly would make a very clever looking extruder barrel, with integral temp sensing as well. wow.

Is there a de-soldering head that has a greater diameter tube that a ptfe insert/sleave could be put inside to just past the transition point ????
I don't know, why would you need a bigger hole for removing molten solder, which is a liquid after all?

We could use smaller filament though, but it might be hard to source.
I don't want to take a whole lots of space here to explain my thoughts on this topic, I just made a blog that I want to use to talk about improvements to the reprap project. I think that this design could easily be modified to work well. To get the detail see my blog at
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