Monday, March 24, 2008


Replacing in-situ

Buoyed up by yesterday's success, today I set my Darwin making the screw-drive holder from the extruder. It took about three hours, so I think I need to make some speedups, but it came out well. There were a few PCL strings from the extruder in-air movements, but a slash of the scalpel did for those. Again, I ran a drill by hand through the holes to clean them up.

Then for the acid test. I took the old screw-drive holder from the extruder, put it to one side, and bolted in the new one that it itself had just made. I warmed it up and turned it on and out came the extrudate stream :-) :-)

I didn't even have to change any of the settings to get it to work the same as the old one.

Now to see if I can catch up with that pesky Vik bloke...


Great! And how about feeding the extruder directly with pellets rather than filament? I believe that was in the planning?
Yes - we're working on that; it would really open up the range of materials we could use.
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