Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Update from he who feels like hammered sh...

I've taken the cutting board off the RepRap and given it a damn good sanding flat, checking it with a steel ruler like my old Design & Technology teacher showed me while I was busy wrecking his workshop. Adhesion improved, particularly for large areas. Not managed to print an X Motor Bracket properly yet.

The Y Bearing Housing I printed the other day broke when I put the insert in. I found that there is an area inside that gets no infill, and so the part is really fragile. I narrowed it down to a pretty damn minimalist debuggable shape and sent it to Adrian, the internationally famous geometry guru. A mere 8 points or 12 triangles.

Brain currently fried due to insomnia, my back is aching like hell through painkillers, and LinuxConf is less than a week away. Ohboy.

Vik :v)

We put a sacrificial thin layer of MDF on the main base so we can easily swap it for a clean one.

Take it easy Vik...
This is my sacrificial sheet. I just ain't ready to sacrifice it yet :)

Will see if Doc has "take it easy" pills. Usually they're "take with water".

Vik :v)
Sorry to hear you're having troubles, Vik. I'd sure like to get some loose time to work on Reprap. My day job, however, has been taking 16-18 hour days, 7 days/week since September.

As the Terminator said, "I need a holiday." It sounds like you do, too. :-(
Heh, now I find myself doing a late nighter. Still, no work tomorrow :)

Vik :v)
Supplements, Vic, supplements. CoQ10 is great stuff for stamina and energy. And try melatonin for the insomnia, it works good half-hour before bed time or so.
I've got alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl carnatine supplements, normal multi-vitamins to counteract my beer-based diet (why are NZ multi-vitamins 10x the size of UK ones?) and some valerian for the insomnia. The cats go a bundle in the valerian too. After a while, they think the valerian lives in the teapot, and then wreck the teapot. It has got to the point where we bring a new one back from going on holiday.

Vik :v)
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