Thursday, November 15, 2007


Postscript: RepRap goes home from the USA

Right. How the *!*? am I going to get my shirts and this lot in my suitcase?

(Thanks again to Steve Carll for the photo.)

Hi Adrien,

... but the basic idea of the RepRap is to pack all the mechanical stuff you want as STL-files on an USB-stick and print them at home again ;-)

For this you must have several repraps at every location - at home, in the job, university and so on ...

and you could leave it here in the US I could put it to good use but I already have one..

I've a feeling this has been asked before, but how do you get through customs in this overly suspicious day and age with a suitcase full of esoteric machine parts and power electronics?
> how do you get through customs

I put a small laminated photo of the machine on the outside of the suitcase with a note saying it had no batteries or other sources of power (which Vik told me they are paranoid about).

The result was that it sailed through baggage checks at both Bristol International and Boston Logan with but a nod from the security blokes.

To be fair, they looked at it briefly, thought about it for a sensible time, and decided to let it through. All credit to them for intelligence and for not being jobsworths.
Thanks for the travel tips.
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