Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Extruder output profile

Trying to nail the parameters on the Bath Darwin, I realised that the only factor I'm flying slightly blind on is the output of the extruder. Here's an output profile for Capa using a target temperature off 100 °C and a ø 0.4mm nozzle for a variety of motor speeds.

WARNING: 12V motor used in this test. (i.e. Don't put 12V through the standard issue 6V motor!)

So am I reading it right that at maximum settings you can push roughly 10 cm^3 of CAPA through your Mk II per hour?
Yeah, bout that. Running ours at 210 so looking at ~ 7cc/hour
What's the total volume of the RP Darwin parts? Somewhere around 1000cc? So the current Darwin "gestation" time would be roughly a week, assuming continuous operation.
So have you been printing anything with CAPA yet?
PLA Is currently coming out at 5cc/hr, but could probably come up to 8-10cc/hr-ish too.

Oh, looks a lot like there's a repetitive sinusoidal component there.

Mind you, enough beer and anything looks sinusoidal...

Vik :v)
Hi Vik,

... i thin there are two possible sources for the sinus: first the rotating/pressing of the thread, second the temp-controlling process ...

My previous sinusoidal issues have all been solved by hunting out the eccentrics...
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