Tuesday, May 22, 2007


PLA Darwin part

By raising the extrusion temperature to 165C I've managed to get PLA going through without blowing up the extruder motor - earlier attempts tightened the clamp too much and overloaded the poor little motor (may it rest in peace). PLA strings more than CAPA, but is significantly more rigid. Here is a Darwin bed clamp that I printed off on Zaphod last night:

Bed clamp image

The holes have since been cleared of stringing with a penknife. I'll try some more complex Darwin parts later, but there are some modifications needed to the code to conserve memory for large or complex builds.

I've also got to fit the modified extruder drive - the one with a flexible shaft. Hopefully this will let the rigid PLA filament feed more freely still.

Vik :v)

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PLA strings more than PLA?
Cool, Vik! :-)
Thanks Forest.

PLA Strings more than CAPA. I've updated the text. Had a few problems with Blogger and images and lost track of them thar words...

Vik :v)
A possible alternative material to PLA and CAPA ? - check out www.plantic.com.au

They have injection moulding grades which are both water soluble for support material and water resistant (for 12 weeks) for parts.

They just listed on the London AIM
I've flicked an e-mail to Plantic's NZ agent.

Vik :v)
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