Saturday, November 04, 2006


Test driving the RepStrap

I tried printing a few different simple objects with a 1mm extrusion size today. Here's a two layer hexagon. It seems there are currently a few little glitches with the hatching algorithm, so it's slightly misshaped, but otherwise looking generally good. I obviously still need to tweak some of the parameters a little to eliminate the gaps.

There's still a way to go to catch up to Vik's more true-to-concept machine. Hopefully I will be able to print my own parts for Darwin soon though.

Go Simon! :-D
You'll find that sometimes the head moves and the extruder motor stays switched off. The lines are shown on the Java app though, and soldering a 0.1uF cap across the extruder motor sometimes reduces the problem. I think it might be noise related...

Vik :v)
My problem was more that the lines were shown in the wrong place on the java app too.

Also, I discovered my thread pitch was entered incorrectly in the preferences, which is why it was turning out so gappy.
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