Sunday, July 16, 2006


Making interchangeable nozzles.

I'm making a variant of the Mk2 extruder nozzle that can be easily swapped out for unclogging, different extrusion diameters and so forth. Details can be found here, and this is a photo of one fitted to a heater barrel:

The heater barrel itself is wrapped in pelican wire - insulated nichrome. I'm using 16mm PTFE rod so I can get higher pressures. The 10mm rod didn't grip the barrel tightly enough when I cranked up the pressure for really small holes, even when I'd put a hose clamp around it.

Vik :v)

That pic belongs on the front page! How's that insulated nichrome working for you? Is it worth buying more?
I've not powered up the heating element yet; I ran out of weekend :)

I'll put an amp or two through it the next chance I get, and see what colour it goes.

Once I've got the thermistor in there (Suz should be picking them up from the city this lunch break) I'll clad the thing in a nice, warm plaster and fibreglass jacket and we'll really see what she can do.

But before all the complex stuff, I think Adrian would like me to have a go with the improved infill code.

Vik :v)
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