Monday, May 15, 2006


Limits on the gear script not as bad as thought...

Turns out I'd managed to corrupt AoI or Java or both while I was writing the script. I reinstalled both and I can now generate at least 48 tooth gears and helical at that.

I then decided to see if I could double that tooth count, so I went to 96 teeth and dropped the pitch angle to 14.5 degrees so that we didn't get weirdness in the profile.

That worked fine, too. I pushed it again to 128 but at that point the triangular mesh feature wouldn't turn the profile into a surface for me.

At 96 teeth you're talking about a 180 mm diameter gear if we are to keep the teeth at 3 mm. That's pretty big.

It's slow, but it works. :-)

Why can't the rack be welded together with a soldering iron, rather than bolted together?
Because it's made out of plastic. :-)
These are going to be fun to print out :) Last night was a bit busy, but hopefully there will be time to do some fine tuning and testign of the Z axis tonight.

Vik :v)
If you can do a helical gear, does that mean you could also do a helical shaft? Example: a 6" long, 1/2" diameter rod with 8 teeth spiraling up its length.
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