Wednesday, May 08, 2024


Probe Tip Movement And Z Height Variation

So I've tested out the new probe holder fitted with with a fairly broad etched tip. Back to a glass slide, which I have to mount sideways to fit on the stage (more on order).

Over 400μm of logo I'm noticing a roughly 7μm variation in probe height. This might be due to my stage not being perfectly level, or the stage dropping slightly as the X and Y axis move. That should be a very small effect but I'll have to run the sums because 7μm is indeed very small.

If I make smaller things though, the Z height variation will be less in proportion. Still, here's what the test looked like. I'll run up a proper test grid and run some off with the axes positioned at different maxima and minima. See what's actually going on.


Speaking of which, I'm starting to get annoyed about not being able to "home" the axes, so that might happen in the near-ish future. Personal life getting in the way of that.

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