Thursday, May 30, 2024


Making Resin Thicker

Capillary action gets a bit too carried away when you dunk the probe in a blob of 3D printer resin. It's designed to flow nicely, and for our purposes we don't want it flowing quite so far and enthusiastically. So to thicken some I gave it a half-second burst of UV, which allowed me to tease out a line less than 0.1mm wide - about 50μm in this photo. Back to micron-scale again!

I think the inclusion might be Sharpie marker off a dirty probe tip. I only noticed it after I washed some dust off with IPA, but this might be a way of making things easier to see. Unfortunately said IPA also washed off some finer detail I had done by bouncing the point on the slide, so I didn't get to measure those dots. It took a lot of other stuff off too. Still more things to learn to handle this material, obviously.

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