Saturday, May 11, 2024


Equipment failure - dev on hold

The illumination in the USB microscope/macro camera that I've been using has failed. Should be under guarantee, but development this weekend is now slightly embuggered. I'm sure Jaycar will get a replacement in fairly promptly, have good working relations with them.

Just before that, I was measuring how much height difference I was getting in a 0.4mm radius. Looks to be about 0.02mm which is not terrific. So we're looking at a 5% slope, roughly. Once the microscope is back, we'll see how easy it is to compensate in software.

Just realised I can use the probe to draw calibration marks for re-zeroing the probe. That might help.

The glass microscope slides turned up too. I've cut one into 1/3rds (basically inch squares in old money) which *just* fit on the stage. Will probably make a holder with clips for them that screws on to the stage, as I'm currently holding them there with blue tape...

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