Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Endstops on The Block Stage

The blocker on further work has been the shifting axes when making movements of more than 100 microns. This puts the Z height out, which is pretty crucial. In theory I could compensate for this in software, but the drift varies depending on where the stage is zeroed.

So endstops have become of critical importance. I've built some out of 50mm lengths of 0.6mm wire, crossed over under the bottom of each actuator. Hopefully these will position me within 100 microns of a known point, and then I can start pre-distorting gcode to position the Z height correctly.


With all the wiring and dodgy crossed-wire switches it looks more like a sci-fi IED inside than a 3D printer. Wouldn't be the first time that confusion has occurred, and travel with RepRap prototypes has always been exciting because of it!

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