Friday, March 15, 2024


One of the press-fit small gears on the NEMA17 motors broke loose, so I've remodelled the gear to take an M3 nut and set screw. The STL is here:

There is no convenient program I've found that just allows one to noodle around directing the axis movement for a gcode device on a serial port without having to download umpteen packages. So I've written one in python that should be portable. Ugly as sin at the moment and I'll share it when it looks passable.

Next up is adding a third brace to the probe arm made from 12ga wire. This should dampen vibration in all axes. Delta firmware tweaks continue, trying to get sufficient accuracy with enough range on the Delta Stage.

One annoying problem is that my USB serial connection to the RAMPS board keeps dropping out. I suspect this is due to a noisy 12V power supply, so I'll swap that out.

The shadow of the probe on the slide is proving to be so useful in guidance that I'm thinking of adding an LED on the probe arm just to cast a coloured shadow.

That'll keep me busy for a while.

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