Monday, December 02, 2013


RS Components distributing RepRaps

This blog is for the RepRap Project, and so I do not normally post information here about the activities of our company, RepRapPro Ltd.  See our company blog for that sort of thing.

No.  The reason for this post is that from today a seriously major international company - RS Components, the world’s largest distributor of electronics and
maintenance products - will be stocking and selling completely open-source RepRap kits.  And in the future they hope to be selling components for RepRaps.  In particular they want to sell vitamins-only kits so that people can print their own RepRaps.

For more details see RS's blog post here, and, of course, their catalogue here.

wow !
I will be completey honest as i thought first "yeah yeah, it's commercial announcement" , but i feel a little guilty about that now : First, it would be mroe than normal you use this chanel to make annoucement , after all you're the creator of all this :) and you really don't do that sort of things, i'm impressed.
Second, It is indeed a very important fact that a distributer like RS believe and act in the hadware open source trend. It can only help.
Thank you
It says "discontinued product" now...

Updated link.
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