Wednesday, July 24, 2013


3D printers shown to emit potentially harmful nanosized particles

I am reposting this out of  It appears that we have might have a problem not so much with the outgassing from our printers but from nanoparticles produced by our extruders during the printing process.  Those of us who aren't already making arrangements for ventilation should possibly consider doing so.

3D printers shown to emit potentially harmful nanosized particles

"The emission rates were similar to those measured in previous studies of several other devices and indoor activities, including cooking on a gas or electric stove, burning scented candles, operating laser printers, or even burning a cigarette."

So unless you're worried about your stove or candles, I don't think this is significant.
I don't tend to cook all day and most of the evening. As well I have a ventilator hood over my stove. :-)
Yes, studies must be conducted relating to the risks of inhalation exposure of ABS. Worsening olfactory function has been reported. More here:

Vent out and use HEPA air cleaner.
That paper is about the monomer styrene. It tells us nothing about ABS. Confusing the two is like saying that all proteins must be poisonous because they all contain the elements that make up cyanide.

All that happens on Earth, from a tree growing to someone walking across a carpet, emits "potentially harmful nanosized particles". Indeed, every single thing in the Universe is potentially harmful...
It's about time somebody mentioned this. Kudos to you and the others for exposing the truth. Awareness is very important.
I Don't belive IT
As a physician I urge people to do a critical read of stories like this. No one has concluded here that ABS UFPs actually harm the airway mucosa and cause respiratory disease. And isn't that the real point?
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