Wednesday, September 05, 2012


RepRap Interviews: Sound / Slic3r

Alessandro Ranellucci visited me this week in Prague, you may know him as Sound and most definitely you've seen his masterpiece, Slic3r. I did an interview with him and hopefully I will get a chance to interview more RepRap heroes in the future.

25000 RepRaps? WOW!

Very interesting interview. These two guys don't like commercial clones under a different brand name, they cheer about developer donations and consider to make a living from RepRap stuff. To me, this looks much like the more popular makers of the RepRap community finally join in on the development model Generation 7 Electronics follows for something like a year already. Great!
3D Printers, a revolution in manufacturing. The open and community development approach is definitely the most innovative. Monopoly and finance crush competition. I am inspired to read about this research. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for sharing the interview. It was very interesting. I liked the casual 'chat' style taken. It's great to put faces on such well-known names in the community and hear your viewpoints.

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