Thursday, September 13, 2012


Introducing - Open Source Distributed Manufacturing

Hey RepRap, it's been a long time!  I've left MakerBot and am now back to hacking and building stuff because it's fun and righteous.

Anyway, I wanted to tell y'all about the latest project I've been working on.  I'm calling it BotQueue and it's designed specifically to control RepRaps (Marlin, Sprinter, GRBL, etc).  This is not just another host software, it is a distributed manufacturing software that will let you control lots and lots of machines through a simple web interface.  Needless to say, its 100% open source (both server and client).

If you want to read more, check the full blog post on my site, or head over to and give it a whirl.

Love, Hoeken

PS. Big shouts to the pronterface guys.  I used your as my driver for RepRap machines.

Sweet! Thx for sharing :)

Hope all is well in Shenzhen
Glad to have you back! This looks really awesome, something that many people have wanted for a while.
Welcome back Mr Hoeken.
Great to see you're still thinking two steps ahead of the curve!
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Welcome back Zach! Nice work!
Great stuff Zach. Good to have you back.
You might find the following interesting?
Hi Zach! Great to hear from you again!

Keep up the good work. This comes in handy on our 3D print farm:
Welcome "home" Zach!
Just came across this. I wrote a post on a similar piece of software I'd like to see!!
I just wrote a design for a similar thing - Bot Farm Queue!! Do you have any code on this yet?
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