Thursday, March 15, 2012


Around the RepRap Community 03/15/12

Wait 3 months for an update, then 3 days?  Sorry Some times things are so cool, and not published about I have to update you guys.  I LOVE RepRap.

All I can say is I hope he had eye protection.  Any person that has ever used a high power laser must have jumped behind their desk chair when they saw a UV laser pointed at a shiny plate like that.  But beyond that, WOW that is awesome!  Alan Mckierman has more of his stuff over on his blog.  I have not seen any videos/posts since his post in January, hope he is not in the burn unit!

Moineau Paste Extruder with Porcelain Clay

Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen, the founders of Unfold based in Antwerp, Belgium have posted a video of their modification of the Moineau Paste Extruder on YouTube.  I have never seen a paste extruder that gives that consistent of a bead.  I can't wait till they post more details about their modifications. Bot Farm Bot Farm
RepRap Bot Farm/Gardens  Around the World

One of the best things about RepRaps is you can run as many RepRap as you want off one Laptop, and if you have an LCD and SD card reader on a machine you can run them with no computer at all.  Adrian Bowyer has in the past compared RepRap to Chickens, but honestly no chicken coop is as fun to watch as a "flock?" of RepRap.

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Hi Neil,

Thanks for the moineau video post. Updates soon!
btw, I really love the Around the community posts, perfect way to stay up to date on the zillion things happening, sometimes i have a hard time trying to keep up with everything. Your posts are a great filter.
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