Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Still Extruding: Catching up

Many apologies to the people that find the series helpful, I had a family emergency, and a a work change that threw my tutorial stuff out of wack.  I have about 10-12 video to upload, so as not to overload folks I will be uploading them 2 at a time here.  Please if you find issues in the video comment in the video, but if you have questions go to the RepRap IRC.

While doing tech support I find a lot of peopel are intimidated by the idea of altering firmware.  That's understandable, when I started I REFUSED to change it for fear of destroying something.  The 3 big firmwares for RepRap right now Sprinter, Marlin, and SJFW all use basically the same configuration.h file based off Sprinter.  I hope this makes firmware alteration a little less scary.

Powering a RepRap from an ATX is really not that hard, but for a lot of folks it can be quite confusing.  I should have edited this video down, but I find that a lot of times it's the little things that seem to throw people off on this one.  The Yellow wires are the 12+ line and for the most part the only one we use.  If your going to power something like a HBP you need to power it off 2 legs at once, the easiest way to get 2 legs is to find the square 4 pin plug with 2 yellow and 2 Black, each of those yellow should be on separate legs and make it (hopefully) strong enough to survive a Heated Build Plate.  Strip both yellow and black wires, twist them about themselves and attach them to the 11 amp connector on your electronics.  Everything but the HBP can be ran off 1 leg, best way to find 1 leg is just grab the 4 pin Molex connector and connect to the 1 yellow (12 volt) and the 1 black (ground).

Again if there is an issue with the video, comment on the video so I know I need to reshoot it, but if it's a technical question, go to the RepRap IRC for our free 24/7 Tech Support/Bazaar/Robot Support Group.

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