Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Reprap at the NextGen Science Fair 2011 in San Francisco

After many misgivings about the direction of the event {it was the Cable TV channel TasteTV's first such event}, the NextGen Science Fair 2011 came off very well. The number of exhibitors was quite small, and the entry fee was substantial at $25. I expected a few hundred people at most. In fact, I think we got many times that. We had a thick crowd around the Reprap table virtually all day long.

I brought my Rapman and my nearly complete Sampo and Brook Drumm, who set up the RepRap/MakerBot Builders in Northern California, showed up with his Makerbot Cupcake and his nearly complete Mendel. He's used his cupcake to make Mendel parts sets for everybody in his group since January of this year.  Brook has become an accomplished Reprapper in a very short amount of time..

Here you can see Brook Drumm {left}  of the RepRap/MakerBot Builders in Northern California talking about his Průša Mendel.  

You can see from left to right, a Makerbot Cupcake {to the left of Brook}, a Průša Mendel just below his hands, the nascent Sampo printer  and a Rapman 3.0 at the far right.

Brook and his daughter/assistant Sydney with their Makerbot Cupcake in printing Mendel parts.

Brook Drumm's Průša Mendel made from parts printed by a his Makerbot Cupcake.

A Darwin-derivative Rapman 3.0 monitored by Adriaan Higgs printing a y-axis drive belt gripper for the next generation Darwin-derivative Sampo printer just to the right.

Adriaan demonstrating the technology differences between the Rapman and the Sampo Darwin-derivative printers.

Showing the familiar Reprap banner at NextGen Science Fair 2011.

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Great Flag Waving Forrest - sounds as if a good time was had by all, and it was a most effective event.

All the best
Damn, if I had actually known about the event I could have brought down my Cupcake.
We're thrilled that this was such a successful event. I think Science Fair is greatly underrated as a spectator event because they really are exciting and stimulating.
Thanks for the review.
-- Danielle
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