Saturday, June 11, 2011


Founder's Forum

My daughter, Sally, and I took one of our RepRaps to The Founder's Forum 2011, where I also gave a talk.  The event is organized by Brent Hoberman, and so many thanks to him for the invitation.  I wouldn't normally name drop, but you can get some idea of the event by the celeb end of the guest list (Stephen Fry, The Duke of York, Davina McCall...) and that fact that there literally were more helicopters parked outside than Ferraris.

We shuffled our Ford Fiesta (complete with bat droppings on the bonnet from the roost in our garage) between a couple of Tesla Roadsters, lugged the RepRap machine to centre stage, and set it running.

Given the above, you won't be surprised that there were some top-end journos present too, so we got some good publicity out of the whole thing.  Follow the links:

Rory Cellan-Jones and Robert Peston of the BBC (Of RepRap, Peston tweeted, "Real life better than Dr Who."), and

Ben Rooney of the Wall Street Journal.

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