Sunday, May 29, 2011


Moving RepRap from Subversion to Git

Kliment, Nils and Sam have got a daily copying from the RepRap
Subversion repository to Git at running.
This is a temporary arrangement to make the migration of RepRap from
Subversion to Git easy for people - they can still use Subversion, or
switch, and both repositories will be (roughly) synchronised.  For the
moment Git is the read-only slave, and Subversion is still the master
where updates get logged.

This will continue until Wednesday the 6th of July.  On that date we
will freeze the RepRap Subversion repository and the RepRap Git
repository will become the master distribution.   That will then be
directly updated (and, doubtless, expanded).  The frozen Subversion
repository will be maintained for the foreseeable future for

Now would be a good time to update RepRap Wiki pages (and others) that
point to parts of Subversion to make them point to the equivalent
parts of Git...

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