Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Printing People

Fabricate Yourself is a project that documented the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference.  They used a kinect to capture 3D scans of lots of people then printed them all in miniature.

How cool is that?


I will be buying a Kinect to use to capture hand, arm and finger movements to control the telepresence hand that I've been designing using for the past six months using my Rapman Reprap printer.

I understand that the 640x480 high res Kinnect should be on sale shortly. :-)
That is way cool.. ...

Forrest can you drive a Kinect without the Xbox console..?

Is it in open source?
Kinect can be interfaced with linux, and windows that I know of, standard usb.
More info, drivers & a 3rd party sdk avaialble thanks to adafruit:
obvious idea: scanning in objects with kinect and a turntable (maybe driven with a stepper) the kinect could be mounted on the vertical axis of a reprap for higher precision patchwork scanning.
@Bodget Guy has the right of it. I'm going to wait another few months to see if Microsoft is actually going to release an SDK. The third party SDK is limited to non-commercial use and I can't see putting investing hours in developing around an SDK with that kind of restriction on it.
Thanks, Forest. You saved me the trouble of spending time on that, I didn't see the restriction. Microsoft SDKs are usually sweet anyways, probably lots of good code samples. Worth the wait, figuring they won't restrict commercial use so as to push more Kinect sales.
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