Saturday, March 05, 2011


High Impact Test

I've been printing little green targets from PLA and white(ish) ones from IMPLA. The IMPLA needs an extra 10C heating, layers thinner than 0.4 and inter-layer cooling. In other words it is no fun to print with.

So, frustrated I took the whole lot outside, lined them up against the wall:

and shot them:

You can see in the aftermath, both green PLA targets have chunks missing from them. One white IMPLA target is split but holding together. The 3 BBs embedded in the wood on the left show the level of impact.

Useful stuff, but I'm not sure if it's worth offering for sale as it is so tricky to print with.

Vik :v)

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1st usage of a pistol for RepRap reserach?

You have always been at the forefront Vik :)
Vik, have you, by any chance, tested the soft pla from It prints good, the only issue is that you have to have short distance between hot end and the drive. Wade's and Adrian's drives work ok, BFB drive does not work ok (as from drive screw to the hot end is more then 15cm and filament bends inside the channel). It is like hard rubber but you print it like pla (bit hotter but no need for inter layer cooling period)
Bogdan, I have heard of it, yes. But I want to make something more durable.
Vik, interesting - so this "rubber lined pla" is more durable then regular pla? Wrt durability of the orbi stuff I bent the filament for ~20 minutes and there was no noticeable ware there .. I had only a very small sample (2m) so I can't say how it behaves long term as I printed bunch of test objects with it, decided it is "nice but that I don't need it" and that's it.
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