Friday, March 04, 2011


First Dutch Reprap Build-Party

Just in case you haven't caught it elsewhere, there's a brilliant video of the first Dutch Reprap Build Party on YouTube:

Thanks to Ruben Lubbes and all at for organizing this amazing event.

They plan more...

Very cool!
Wow, now I regret even more not having been there! Sadly it really was too much to also fit into that weekend. Especially after a week's preparations for the live demo on TV. I was pretty much exhausted for another week.
So cool to see all these people building a RepRap, everybody can do it ^^
Their website seems to be down. Does anyone know how I can contact the people who organised the event?
Cool ! I wish I was there.
Hmm, with Belgian beers ;-)
I'm in next time, if I have the time. Hope to see the website back online soon...
When's the next party?
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