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Best of the RepRap Wiki 3/25/11

Open publication - Free publishing - More howto

Garyhodgson has uploaded a Prusa Mendel completely redrawn in Sketchup, and then used that drawing to create some really nice instructions. I can't describe these instructions in any way but gorgeous, they put all prior RepRap documentation to shame in it's simplicity.  As most of you know RepRap has always suffered from poor documentation.  These looks like something out of a computer hardware quick install guide.  It also really shows off how flat out mechanically simple Prusa Mendel is.

He has uploaded the file to the wiki, and is maintaining a git for it.  He has even made the document completely open licence, so you are free to evolve this document in any way you need.

Garyhodgson aka Gary Hodgson, my hat off to you for some amazingly useful work.


Many in our community "felt the pain" when Pololu ran out of the A4983, This is the stepper controler most of our electronics uses, and it stayed out of stock for many weeks.  Joem the Sanguinololu guy is also working on an equivalent open source version of the A4983.  More details in the wiki page.


ErikDeBruijn, of Ultimaker is at it again, he is now working on a pick and place machine.  Given that he already has shown is RepStrap doing 300mm/s I am almost scared to see how fast it will do Pick - Place.  Good job Erik!

Helium Frog Delta Robot

HeliumFrog has a lot of really amazing projects over at his website.  But my favorite has to be his printable Delta Robot.  I mean really, even if it didn't even run, who wouldn't want that sexy beast in there shop?  The great thing is it DOES RUN:
He has also very recently updated the software to run it, so it's by no stretch a dead project.

Updates without pretty pictures

Both the Generation_7_Electronics and the Sanguinololu electornics pages have had a lot of documentation added, both of these electronics are very quickly becoming real options.

Powder_Printer_RecipesSebastien_Bailard uploaded a huge set of recipes for powder printing.

M-codes_for_EEPROM_configAlexRa did a large update to the EEPROM tables

The prusa documentation puts most, if not all purchased products instructions to shame. And it shows how given time open source (socialism) produces better work/products than capitalism.

Being told what is best is never as good as doing it right.
Please do not conflate open source (which is close to a gift economy) with socialism (which is "giving" enforced by threat of death or imprisonment.) Very different beasties, particularly in the underlying motivations. Why you're doing something does matter. Open source is closer to capitalism in the underlying motivations than it is to socialism. That's why it works, after all :)

If you're expanding the definition of "socialism" to include anything voluntary, stop believing the agitprop. (i.e. just because it's being said over and over again doesn't make it true. See also "smear campaign")
@ john gilmore

Quit confusing Socialism with Capitalist governments dividing Capital among its people. What the governments of the world forced upon its people as "socialism" was not Socialism.

Socialism is democracy at EVERY level.

Please Read before speaking.
Come on stop it guys, you all know Monarchy is best!

RepRap is neither capitalistic or socialist, it's a

If you had to put it into a box I would say it's capitalism on the hardware end and anarchy on the software end. :)
Even better than all of those is a post-scarcity economy So keep up the good work on making those self-replicating automated factories. :)
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