Friday, March 18, 2011


Best of the RepRap Wiki 3/18/11

A few not so new items this week, but I have not seen some of these project get a very large audience yet.

The Sanguino was developed by Zack Hoeken, and rests at the heart of Makerbot's Gen3 Electronics.  The Pololu Electronics where developed by Adrian Bowyer, and is what inspired the Ramps electronics by Ultimachine.  Joem has combined the idea of these two two electronics into a truly tiny set of electronics.  He is on version .7 of the board, and quickly approaching a 1.0.


Erik De Bruijn, one of the original RepRap Devs is coming along nicely on his version of the Arduino Pololu Electronics.  He has been quite busy updating the RepRap Wiki, and his own Ultimaker Wiki.  These are the electronics that are at the core of his UltiMaker.  If your as much of a Wiki nerd as I am becoming, his wiki is worth checking out, he already has most of the build instructions posted for the Ultimaker.


There are some really amazing Delta bots in the Wiki, this one has been receiving a lot of edit love here lately. Will need to bring some of the others forward in the coming weeks.  This wonderful example is known as Clavel and is already on it's second prototyping.

Kiwi M5 Mendel Battle Tank

This beast of a machine is the work RepRot, and as you can tell from the machine's name, it's another one of those crazy folk from New Zealand.  This beast earns the name "Battle Tank".
-Make from bullet resistant plastic (I know I get shot at allot while I print)
-24 Volt steppers (In case you decide to do 3d printing on Saturn)
-Over 700 Watts worth of Power Supplies (563 for the Cartesian, 150 for the HBP)
Good job RepRot, you just made 99% of the RepRap in the world look like wusses. :)

Neil I love that you're doing a "Best of the RepRap Wiki" - EXCELLENT idea, and a great read so far!
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