Thursday, December 16, 2010


ABS Multicolor Printing

Chris Olah, a fellow RepRap hacker from, has been experimenting with multi-colored prints on our Makerbot by loading differently colored ABS segments into the extruder. So far this has resulted in at least one extruder burn and a couple of really nice parts.

Full details in Chris's blog posts:

Nice! That's really smooth transition.

A friend of mine did this on his Ultimaker:

The bowden cable allows you to preload it and it will come out first-in-first-out! So you won't have to pay attention or melt the pieces together.
That's awesome! Actually, everything I've seen about the ultimaker looks awesome, but that's particularly so!

I imagine if the object was smaller, you'd see more transition. There also seems to be an element of luck involved: sometimes more of the older colour stays buffered in the extruder, others less.
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