Thursday, September 16, 2010


Mendel Drawing

The artist Lauren van Niekerk spend a while in the Bath RepRap Lab recently. One of the things she did was this pen-and-ink drawing of Mendel, which she has given to the project. A 400 dpi scan of it is in the repository here.

Feel free to download it, print it on art paper in your A3 printer, frame it, and hang it on your wall...


Very pretty and detailed!
... really nice ... but somewhat distortet partially ;-)

Oh Viktor! Anyone can take a PHOTOGRAPH... :-)
... for sure!

It's not meant as discrediting of any sort, but when in past i had to draw something, i've mostly tried with 'photographic accuracy' ...

Anyhow, it's a really nice artwork and i downloaded it to my reprap-related stuff :-)

Beautiful! It's now hanging on my wall, with the help of kapton tape of course.
Yes, very nice but what is that extra belt coming from the y-axis idler pulley (from bottom to top)?

Does Adrian have something we don't know about? :-)
Wouldn't this be good for printing on a T-shirt with the RepRap logo either above or below it?
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