Tuesday, August 31, 2010


RepRap Version III "Huxley"

(Image from Erik - thanks!)

I've moved the Mini-Mendel page on the Wiki to form a Huxley page here:


This is where development of the new machine will be centred. Many people (particularly Erik) have already done a lot of work on Ed's original design.

Please add to their efforts!

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Looks sweet O_O I can't wait to see these in action!
A few of us have been working on this on thingiverse here: http://www.thingiverse.com/tag:Mini-Mendel

I'm glad it has its own name now, I think it will encourage others to contribute.
Looks like a Mendel & BfB Rapman baby! Twin BfB extruders and electronics are probably Erik's personal additions.
He got rid of the dual hot ends when he he was able to use the original x-carriage because he printed my pulley extenders. It looks like this now: http://www.thingiverse.com/image:20047
I had the BitsFromBytes electronics, but given their lack of new open source releases (they are conflicting with their own licence right now) it's hard to get multi-material working. So essentially reverse engineering is more trouble that starting with entirely new hardware. I replaced everything with my own electronics now. Works much better that way.
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Thanks Erik and whosawhatsis? I've stolen your picture and put it on the wiki page.
BTW, there's a picture of my oversized Huxley here:http://www.thingiverse.com/derivative:3053

I cut the rods and belts longer to make it almost as big as Mendel. The build platform is 8"x8" (about 195x195mm usable), but the outside is only 15"x14"x13". I've had a lot of trouble getting reliable extrusion, and I've taken the bowden cable out of the equation (at least temporarily) and have been working with carriage-mounted extruders. This seems to work fine with the NEMA 14 motors I bought, which meet the 13.7 N-cm torque requirement for Mendel.
The picture is an old one, before the pulley extenders and the other modifications I made to get it working. I'll post a new one when I get the extruder put back together with the new motor I ordered.
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