Friday, July 16, 2010


RepRap in the Year 3000

RepRap has started to appear in primary school writing and composition exercises.

Here is the homework of Alpha Perry, aged nine. She was asked to imagine herself as a news reporter in the Year 3000, and to write a piece on the history of a technology.

I thought that this was so good (despite its containing bits from me) that I asked her and her parents for permission to add it to the RepRap site...


Brilliant! I caught myself wanting to hear what the Mongo was like in the year 3000. Maybe a follow up? :)

Good job, Alpha.
Lovely child. :-)
That is so awesome. She did a GREAT job on that assignment.
First they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then their kids write about you in their homework. Then you win :)
... really nice :)

But i think 'Mongo' is more 2030 than 3000 ... until 3k there should be something like foglets or another kind of 'smart material' in use, so your tools and mechanical parts should be able to morph and self-repair at wish ...

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