Saturday, May 22, 2010


Mendel Variations and Lasers!!!

I've been having fun watching the cambrian explosion of variations on Mendel.

This one is particularly significant.

Really big example images with lots of descriptive text are a fun part of documentation.

LaserCut_Mendel by Kimberly and Lambert Andrus of llc.

LaserCut Mendel has the same metal hardware and other paraphernalia as vanilla Mendel. But now you can make one in the privacy of your own home using your laser cutter!!! (If you don't happen to have a laser cutter, you can buy a LaserCut Mendel from Kimberly in the RepRap For Sale Forum, or come out this weekend to the Bay Area Maker Faire, and buy one from her in person).

Kimberly Anders also sells a version of the RepRap Gen 3 Electronics, the Generation_3_Electronics - Tech_Zone_Remix. These boards have generated quite a bit of interest in the community and you can buy them in this thread in The RepRap For Sale Forum. In the best RepRap traditions, our fellow users are helping document them here: Generation_3_Electronics/Tech_Zone_Remix/How_to. (Discussion/Support)

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Damn! That's brilliant! :-D
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