Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello all!

A number of people have started to help out with the RepRap wiki.

Many do so just by keeping an eye on: Recent Changes
and then just chipping in and
fixing stuff.

I believe the wiki may have just gone critical a few days ago and we've only now started to notice.

We also have a pretty healthy and, happily, largely self-moderating forum here:

And we are thinking of hosting an efficient and ethical marketplace. although it may be more trouble than it is worth.

We currently have an highly inefficient, but satisfyingly ethical marketplace in the form of our For Sale Forums.

So, if you you are interested in helping out RepRap, please contribute in the way you see best, and if you are interested in becoming a RepRap forum administrator, I think that is great, but please consult this helpful Training Simulator (More Information)

Also, please note, a number of you are choosing to make RepRap a lifestyle choice by selling RepRaps and RepRap parts, and are thinking of going "pro". We think this is wonderful, and indeed one of the points of the RepRap project, but please note that you're participating in a dynamic and evolving marketplace with a number of traps for the unwary. (Further Reading).

Please don't forget: we're a Wiki!

You are welcome to log in and click "edit" whenever you see a typo. We encourage you to create a new page when you see something 'missing', or just because it is fun!

>Please don't forget: we're a Wiki!

There are some security restricted articles in that wiki btw,
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