Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Some crude load tests

I put the post-tensioned beam system through its paces. It works well for a first cut design but obviously it can benefit for more work.

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This obviously has great potential to further the self replication. As I see it there are two major flavours of drive and motivation in the reprap movement. personal-fab and self-replication. They both bare many parallels and coexist great in the movement but closer to goal i personally belive design choices will diverify and there will be a split. What is your major drive and if you had to guess, what will be the hardest part to replicate?
While those two "flavours" of drive and motivation might well characterise most of the participants in the Reprap movement, I don't think either represents wellsprings of my ambition. Most of the stuff that I blog was designed and developed for projects having little, if anything to do with Reprap. I simply blog the bits of what I do that might be useful to the community.
are you planning upgrade mendel some way, or may be a new robot design will rise?
Btw do you have PLA to give a try too?
It has probably been mentioned before but you need to flip two of the sides so that the triangles tie together at common points. Otherwise it is just a big spring.
Hi Forrest, I'm just getting to grips with the design of Mendel, and was wondering if you've posted the files these parts were made from online? They'd really come in handy is all.


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