Tuesday, March 16, 2010


RepRap in Singapore! (New RepRap User Group)

Singapore RepRap User Group
From: Soon Wei
Date: 03/15/2010 06:53AM

Hi Sebastien,
I am Soon Wei from Singapore. Happen to see some of your messages. I just meet Xiang Hui few hours back. I would like to start a Singapore RepRap user group and start to build the First Singapore RepRap. (If we are?) FYI, I am an Elec Electronic Enginer and I've used a few Atmel MCU b4 so that is not a big issue. I should be able to source for the raw mech material except the RP connectors... I have access to a small lathe, but i forsee the 0.5mm on the barrier making is a challenge. Aha too excited and forgotten my goal. Would it be possible to start a RUS for Singapore? Thanks in advance.

-Soon Wei

No problem. Good luck and happy RepRapping!

Singapore RUG Home Page
Singapore RepRap User Group Forum/Mailing List

p.s. to rest of the RepRap-using world:
We have 150+ or so other RepRap User Groups
So if you want to make a RepRap, do check them out.

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