Monday, March 08, 2010


Heated Bed and post-McWire Design Sprints! (Marathons?)

Are you designing your own heated bed? Do you have a perfect one already?

Or have you simply eliminated several blind alleys? ("Wow, that magnesium really didn't want to stop burning, did it?")

Please come check out the Heated Bed Forum Thread and the associated Heated Bed wiki page.

Similarly, we're about to drop the McWire RepStrap like a slowly moving and generally unsatisfactory hot potato. And we want to hear what you are building instead as a bootstrap RepRap machine.

Discussion: McWire Successor Forum Thread

By the way - we're nearly done with the server stuff to really open up the RepRap project to user contribution*, in part by actually making use of the mediawiki that we're moving into.

In the meantime, let me remind you that you're already very welcome to go to, poke around, log in and click "edit", or create a new page for your RepStrap, post-mendel RepRap, RepRap-related or RepRappable project. Or simply your version of the ideal heated bed, RepStrap, and so on.

If you're not working on the Heated Bed or the RepStrap to beat all RepStraps, but you have a good project, try starting a new working group in the Forum, (and a new wiki page).

* While at the same time, making sure that the Mendel docs still work and are somewhat stable. (That's the tricky part - I've always heard stability is supposed to be a good thing for documentation.)

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