Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Google's Summer of Code

Hey All,

For those of you unfamiliar with Google Summer of Code (GSoC) it is a paid Google position offered to ~1000 students world wide to work with a open source organization as developers. The students are given specific tasks and a summer to complete them during which time they regularly meet with their open source group and google in working on their development task.

GSOC has an application deadline for organizations on Friday, March 12. I for one would be very happy if RepRap got in on this, partially as a student (count me in!), and partially as a RepRap dev where I see taking on full-time world-class student developers for free as having very few draw-backs smiling smiley

So heres what we need: Ideas. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas (Developers... no wait, wrong speech.). Anything you want, need or think would be cool on a RepRap is exactly what we want. I've set up a wiki page for this here:
and will be linking the GSoC application to this page so go - get your idea on there!! We have just over 48 hours!!!

Rob Gilson

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I bet Google would go for a simple bridge between their Sketchup tool and RepRap. Being able to press a "3DPrint" button in Sketchup and seeing your model pop out of RepRap automatically would be really cool.
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