Saturday, February 27, 2010


Drilling the extruder barrel

Having had a lot of fun with the Afghan Lathe - which is still fantastic for machining extruder nozzles out of dome nuts - I've found that using a drill press the wrong way round is a lot easier for central 3mm bores in the extruder. Apologies for the cross-post, but people seem to have found it very useful elsewhere:

I'll still be working on the brass tube extruder, but I'm going to get a few Mendels working first, with technology I know is reliable.

Vik :v)

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I use this method too. Especially for drilling out pinch wheels to the right diameter for a stepper motor's axis.

Sometimes it's a bit risky though. It can also grab the drill and screw itself onto it towards the vice until the motor stops. This can be quite a violent event. Be sure to keep one hand on the off switch.
I usually have one hand on the trigger, making the drill go slowly so that the shavings curl out neatly. Not had it run away on me yet!
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