Monday, February 01, 2010


Brass Tube Extruder Update

Managed to blow the 4.7 Ohm filament at around 200C. By this time the wires were red hot, and a weak spot blew under the Kapton dammit. No matter, I have a New and Improved 6 Ohm version, all-ceramic insulation with double-twisted nichrome on the inputs to ensure a lower temperature on the input lines. I think it is those local hotspots that cause the Kapton to decompose. But hopefully I've just eliminated the Kapton - for the barrel insulation anyway; I might still use it to attach the thermocouple to the barrel for the moment.

Vik :v)

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I had a lot of trouble like that with my Kapton tape wrapped extruder head. I finally bought some #28 insulated nichrome and used about 7 ohms worth. The wire surface temperature is cool enough that the glass fibre insulation doesn't perish. Mine has been in pretty much constant use since November with no complaints.
Try mica paper.
Is there a more detailed description of how to construct an extruder?
So far I'm seeing bits and pieces all over the place :\
@Fry-kun Yes, there is. On the RepRap website. Follow the "Make Your Own RepRap" links.
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