Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mac Goes RepRap (one day...)

Mac|Life magazine recently approached Mark Frauenfelder and others to envision a future product from Apple. Mark's entry was based on RepRap (left). More details here.

Of course, if Apple do that, they'll have to GPL all its designs.

And I'm guessing it'll be a RepStrap, not a RepRap...

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It looks more like a MakerBot than a RepRap or anything else. The only problem I have with this is that you can tell that this was created by someone with not much knowledge about the project, for it would have been obvious to them that the top needed to be open for the extruder to go through and that the X/Y stage actually needed a Y-axis otherwise.

I still think it's pretty clever, and I laughed when I saw it. ;D
Its a MakerBot that can't make replacement parts, rofl.

And no handy place to put filament, so I guess people who buy this will need a wire basket hanging from the ceiling
Ah. But it can make RepRaps...
A RepRap/MakerBot by Apple would cost at least 2000£ and would only work with other Apple stuff....

Nevertheless, controlling it with your iphone would be really cool
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