Friday, October 02, 2009


Mendel's first print!

Thanks to hard work from Patrick on assembly, and Adrian on getting the new extruder board working, the mechanics of the Mendel printer have just been brought to life:


Oh, and I've just finished re-working the design to make the whole kaboodle printable on a 10 cm x 10 cm bed. Good news for MakerBotters ;-)

Great news on the rework to limit component size. This will also make it easier to avoid warping.

Very nice. I didn't realise it was so compact until seeing this.

Good mad scientist maniacal laugh from Adrian!
Well done! Glad to hear about the max print size to make parts for it - I'll be printing those on a McWire.

just Great, small and portable, also good for the future makerbotters, cause i'll get one soon, then will be waiting for Mendel Fabrication :-)

Thanks Andrian and team for the hard work
Awesome! I was wondering how you were going to adjust the bed height; nice Z springs on the bed mounts!

Looks great, started printing one already!

I want to see it printing something tall; make use of all that vertical space!
beautiful machine! it looks very compact and sturdy.
its alive muhahaha
Fricken awesome!

I saw Mendelssohn at the Open Source day at Auckland Uni, and I was impressed by the sturdiness of the x axis.

Makes me wanna one :)
Could you also please comment on those S shaped springs?


I'd like to know if using the external extruder controller works with the 5D + 485 code that Adrian has been working on?

The S springs were designed by Patrick Haufe, our visiting intern in the Bath RepRap lab. They are printed on-edge in the machine.

And it's running the 5D 485 code. That's currently v. experimental and is in my space in the RepRap subversion repository ( It should also work with the standard Makerbot firmware configuration, though we haven't tried that yet.
Seriously, bravo!
Amazing guys!
It's this kind of progress that makes me proud to be a member of the RepRap community!
Great work everyone! This made me finally decide to abandon my attempts at a Darwin and jump straight to Mendel for my local hacker space.
i am happy to see progress like this, i will start to build mine here after the canadian thanks giving.

but i will have to make due with some parts that i can get locally with less trouble to build the frame.
So I guess now that its done its first successful print, the proof in the pudding of the design is when it prints out functional child parts?
Would be great to get a preliminary BOM of parts, bearings and fasteners.

I've watched that video so many
times now, I still find it great to watch, how about a longer video?
Documentation on the way... will post a blog when complete. I'm trying to get it wrapped up this week.

In the meantime if you haven't seen the introductory vid, check

Thanks for the responses everyone, nice reception!
By the way, I should point out that the files for this in the SVN are very old. They will be updated with the documentation (again, will alert update through the blog)
Damn that's an eligant looking machine!
Cool bananas Ed! :)

One request i'd like to make is that when you've done the documentation could you release an eDrawings file of the whole assembly and/or an Adobe Reader 3D assembly drawing that shows all the individual steps like what is done for RapMan?
I love the Makerbot sizing, thanks! I'm considering making a full-size Reprap for myself or another using my Makerbot.. when I get the latter working. Glad to see this crossover happening.
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