Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mendel Uploaded!

Done. Woohoo! The mechanical solid-model files are now complete which means all Mendel designs (mechanics, electronics, firmware and software) are now totally available on SVN:


For mechanical aspects:

Mendel cartesian bot files (STLs, and even AOIs*) for printing are in /mechanics/solid-models/cartesian-robot-m4/printed-parts

Mendel extruder file for printing is in /mechanics/solid-models/extruders/pinch-wheel/wedge-604

SolidEdge users check the readme in /mechanics/solid-models/cartesian-robot-m4/

Documentation for the mechanical construction to build your own Mendel (!) is now on the wiki. Documentation for electronics, firmware and commissioning is being written now. It’s all editable by anyone registered. If you’re building any aspects of Mendel please feel free to improve the documentation in true open-source fashion.

Here’s another short video ;-) of some of Mendel's mechanical improvements.

Mendel's improvements over Darwin from Rep Rap on Vimeo.

* massive thanks to Paddy and Adrian for their hard work on tying this up. (And also especially to Ed – AB.)

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Wow! impressive! Thanks for all the hard work.

I'm starting to consider building Mendel directly in a FabLab nearby instead of first building my own RepPrep since it doesn't look too complicated to build.

However, one question remains: what are the cost estimates if you can print the components for near free yourself?
Any chance you could reformat the page to this:
# [[Mendel Overview|Overview]]
# [[Mendel materials procurement|Procurement]]
# [[Mendel materials preparation|Preparation of materials]]
#[[Mendel assembly notes|Assembly notes]]
# [[Mendel extruder|Extruder]]
# [[Mendel X-axis|X-axis]]
# [[Mendel Z-axis|Z-axis]]
# [[Mendel Y-axis|Y-axis]]
# [[Mendel circuit boards|Circuit boards]]
# [[Mendel frame|Frame]]
# [[Mendel squaring axes|Squaring the axes]]

using the section headers like that seems odd. Why not just plop down a list? Took me a bit to figure out that the section headers were actually links and not just colored blue.
Thanks Frank, done.

Reinoud, £ to come later when I can face spreadsheets again ;-)
Great! I'm printing the first part of my hackerspace's mendel within the next hour.
Exiting! Thanks for your great, inspiring work!
Congratulations eD !

woohoo indeed.

I give thanks to your hard work.


One last thing.

Would if be possible to .stl all the vitamins too ?

I'm about to start building a Darwin (since those are the parts that Wade is printing), but I'm still extremely excited to see this progress being made!

Good job Ed! Good job team!

After I'm done my university project, I can't wait to start printing out Mendels.
Cheers for the appreciation, I'm glad it's being used already!

Tigger, I'm afraid that's a pretty big non-critical job that's unlikely to surface on my list ;-) There might be someone out there with SEdge who's willing though... Why do you need them anyway, how would they be useful?
can u please take a new Mendel picture, without windows/microsoft brand?
All the RepRap pictures we've ever put out in the past have had a Linux screen. I thought we'd let the underdog in for once. Just to be fair.
Well just waiting makerbot arrives to star building :-)
eD -

I am currently in process importing all the STL files into blender.

I am placing and checking them to print on my maker-bot and I am looking to pipeline the export stl -> skeinforge -> repg into an automated script.

What I wanted all the vitamins for is to do a build animation of the mendel from individual parts for an instructional video.
eD -

Is there a solid edge .edu licence ?

( I work at a tech college .edu.au )
Well done ed and adrian and Co.

In the UK there is educationallicensing ie cheap for Pro Dekstop and Pro Engineer.

Might be worth contacting their AU reseller/distributor and asking.


We run SolidEdge up here on campus on an academic licence - and it's free! I'd be surprised if there wasn't a similar scheme in oz.
Specs for Mendel are here:

@eD: Do you by any chance have the mendel parts laid out on a surface as one STL file? I have the possibility of borrowing time on a printer with a 8'' x 8'' envelope and they would like to print larger batches as opposed to multiple small parts. If not, any suggestions on how to compose such a thing?

if you are familiar with blender , I have all the parts in that


you could lay out the parts in that ( they are all groups )
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I've tried viewing the SolidEdge files with the free SolidEdge Viewer v20, downloaded from Siemens PLM Software, on several Windows installations now - and it's a no-go. I get a part tree, but the view remains blank. This is true of either parts or assembly files. I've tried a sample "packaged collaboration file" (.pcf) from PLM's pages, and that worked. Could I persuade you fellows to export/save a .pcf of the Mendel assembly?
I've tried on several Windows installations, with the Solid Edge Viewer v20 software, to view the Mendel files - and it's a no-go. I get a tree structure of parts, but no view or other data. I have also tried a sample model file from Siemens PLM - a "packaged collaboration file" (.pcf), and that worked. Could I persuade you guys to save/export a .pcf of Mendel?
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