Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Getting ready for Mendel

I have done some file reorganizations in the RepRap subversion repository to tidy things for the Mendel release.

Under the location the (partial) directory structure of the trunk is now (the links are for browsing):

trunk/mendel/electronics - the designs for Mendel

trunk/darwin/electronics - the designs for Darwin

trunk/reprap/host - the Java host software (common to both)

The Darwin designs used to be under trunk/reprap, and they still are for the time being to avoid breaking links. But eventually I will remove those.

Some of the Mendel data is already there, and we'll be adding the rest shortly.

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It's getting more exiting by the day! Mendel almost here! :-D
Given how no one else has posted, I do believe that this is the definition of waiting with bated breath.
baited breath? :-s
Hook line and sinker
Cool !

Looking forward to the complete stl's appearing.

nudge nudge :)

You should name it mendel_v4 and darvin_v3 or similar, so that
people logging in can see what "mendel" and "darvin" are in the history.
Not everyone has reat half the wiki. and gotten completely familar with the project. ;)
Some just want to have a look at the current design.
Hello, is this release the one that can be completely printed with a makerbot?

Could I suggest exporting the CAD data to something a little more interoperable, such as JT? That's Siemens' own interoperable format in SolidEdge, and I know I can import it into most of CAD programs here at the university.
Neber heard of JT.
Many people here use AoI
and it´s good enough.
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