Monday, August 03, 2009


RepRap, the book

Well, as many of you may know my PhD was on the mechanical considerations for Darwin (the first release of the RepRap printer). I graduated recently and have finally submitted my thesis. I've uploaded a pdf to

under the 'Machines' heading.

Please ignore the copywrite statement, this was necessary to get it submitted under university rules on time, and is in a long drawn out process of being waived.

Congratulations, doctor Sells!

I'm hoping to get part of my Ph.D. out of this project too, so naturally I'm very happy to see this, also this looks like a really interesting read, lots of tasty detail stuff!
Congratulations on getting your thesis done. I remember feeling like somebody had let me out of jail when I submitted it and got it approved.

Best of luck on your orals. Mind, in most cases that's just a formality. :-D
This is by far the easiest thesis I have ever read, well done Ed

A most enjoyable read, all 300 and something pages.

Will be reading it again.

Well done on getting your PhD
Finally had some time to sit down and work my way through it. Good work, eD.
Excellent, I've just printed out a copy to leave in the Robots and Dinosaurs hackspace.
Hey Ed,

I just dropped by to catch up on the project, good to see you finished your PhD.

What's the plan now?

All the best,

Mike Samuel

Was going through your thesis, exciting! do we get a look at the digital files? I would love to see the solid modeling design.
Congrats Doctor Ed, all the best. How was the viva......
It looks like I am the slowest reader in the world, but yes it is a good read, well done.

It is nice to see how the design decisions were made.

You mentioned it is possible to make the pulleys on the Strat. Do you have the models available anywhere? I would like to have a go sometime.
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