Friday, August 07, 2009


ReplicatorG 0006 Available

ReplicatorG 0006 is now available for your replicating pleasure! (Well, if you’re using Linux or Windows. Mac OS X users, you’ll have to wait until I get to do a Mac build in the morning.) This release should make life a little easier for those of you who have been having serial port configuration issues. Other fun enhancements include:

* Per-axis motor inversion (requires v1.2 firmware)
* More reliable build aborts
* An optional in-build temperature readout (disabled by default, but can be turned on in the preferences)

Download it here! A more detailed changelog follows after the cut.

0006 changelog:

* Removed editor status bar
* 64-bit Mac OS X fix (courtesy Andreas Fuchs)
* Pass a GCode file in as a command-line parameter (courtesy Andreas Fuchs)
* Moved machine status below buttons and cleaned up display
* Ensure abort signal is sent to S3G on stop
* Display temperature of nozzle during builds (disabled by default)
* Add pref for temperature display
* Simulator2D optimizations, faster draws
* Reenabled Ctrl-J shortcut for control panel
* Use port names specified in XML by default, fall back to autoscan if not present
* Allow autoscan disabling for machines with scan problems
* Added support for writing onboard configuration data to the machine EEPROM
* Numerous small bug fixes
* New skeinforge version
* Larger max heap size on Mac OS X

A brief word on the new serial port selection routine: if you explicitly define the “portname” tag in your machines.xml, ReplicatorG will attempt to connect to that port immediately. Otherwise, it will by default autoscan your serial ports to find a working machine. If you want to manually select your serial port (say, because ReplicatorG is hanging while trying to scan one of your other serial ports) you can turn the autoscan funtion off by unchecking it in the “Machines > Serial” menu.

Autoscan also no longer tries to scan ports in alphabetical order; it now scans them in the same order RXTX presents them. This is closer to the behavior of older versions of ReplicatorG, and should end up scanning USB-TTY cables earlier in the process.

Have fun, and as always drop me a line or post here with any problems and I’ll do my best to fix them quickly.

(via the MakerBot Blog)

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